The Complete Guide to Styling and Nurturing Luvme 4c Edges Wig

4c Edges Wig

If hair extensions are a form of art, then the edges of hair are the finishing touch. 4c edges wig adds beauty to the simplest hairstyle and makes it perfect. During the styling process, 4c edges wig is a game changer taking your look to a new level. Also known as baby hair, its amazing look qualifies it as an accessory to your hair.

If you are new to wigs, this hair is found around the hairline, mostly shorter and thinner. This guide will offer information you need to know about 4c edges wig.

Table of Content

  • What are the different styles of 4c Edges Wig
  • How to Style Luvme 4c Edges Wig
  • How to minimize Damage on Luvme 4c Edges Wig
  • Example of Luvme 4c Edges Wig You can try out
  • Conclusion

What are the Different Styles of 4c Edges Wig

Sleek Bun

This style will help you achieve a sleek and polished look. You only need to brush the edges of your hair against your scalp and gather the rest into a bun. To secure the hair, you can lay it down with an edge control product.

Curly/Twisted Edges

This is almost the simplest style you can try. You only need to style the 4c edges wig of your wig in curls or twists. A curling cream or gel will make the styling process easier. You can add an extra touch with your finger to define curls and twists more. This style will change your appearance, making you love it.

Braid or Cornrow Edges

This is one of the most popular ways to lay and style your edges. Braiding your hair will reveal a lot of your 4c edges wig and give you more control. You would like the outcome as it will make you look unique.

Updo Hairstyle

Creating an updo hairstyle will leave most of your edges out; it is an ideal way to flaunt your edges of hair. Pull most of your hair into a ponytail, bun, or any updo style. The goal of this style is to give maximum attention to the 4c edges wig.

How to Style Luvme Hair 4c edges wig

Clean your wig: Before styling it, prepare it and ensure it is completely clean and without tangles. Use a recommended brush or comb to brush your hair. This will detangle the wig and remove any knots.

Moisturize the hair: 4c edges wig is more susceptible to dryness, so moisturize before styling. Using a water-based conditioner or a moisturizing spray is advisable to add moisture to the wig. Ensure it is evenly distributed throughout the hair.

Apply a styling product: Styling products are important to help you hold and define your hair but avoid heavy products. Edge control product, curl cream, or gel. Use your fingertips to apply evenly on your edges.

Define your Edges: Defining your edges helps determine the type of style you want to achieve with the 4c edges wig. A small toothbrush or soft-bristled brush should do the magic here. Brush the edges in the direction you want and ensure you are gentle throughout the process. Lay the hair flat with a brush if you prefer something sleek. However, you can use either the brush or your fingers for curls.

Secure the edges: To secure the edges, wrap a satin or silk scarf around your hairline for some minutes. This will help the edge stay in place throughout the day. Also, you can try using a bonnet, a satin, or a silk headband.

Reduce Touching: Once you are done styling the edges, reduce how much you touch again to avoid frizzing or disrupting the style. Instead, style the edges once and let it stay that way.

How to Minimize Damage on Luvme 4c edges wig

Treat with Caution

Edge’s hair is fragile and tends to frizz easily, so you must be gentle while styling to avoid breakage. Do not handle roughly when brushing and styling the hair.

Embrace Looser Hairstyles

Excessive tension on the hair edges is dangerous as it can cause breakage. So you should avoid tight hairstyles that can cause these issues. Instead, do a looser hairstyle to minimize the tension on your edges.

Protective Hair Styling

Avoid styles that will expose your scalp to more damage. It must not be too tight or exert tension on your edges. You can stick to styles like buns, updos, and other protective hairstyles.

Stay away from Heat Styling

Exposing your edges to heat-styling tools will cause more damage, so it is best to avoid them. If you must use these tools, you have two options. Apply a heat protectant spray or keep the tool in a cool setting.

Wear Protective Covers

This will offer additional protection to your edges while you sleep. A pillowcase, bonnet, or headband made with satin or silk will reduce friction while you sleep.

Use Gentle Hair Products

Be careful of the chemicals you use on the edges of the hair. Chemicals like alcohol and sulfates are harsh and can dry your hair out. Instead, opt for gentle hair products made from natural ingredients to protect your edges.

5 Examples of Luvme 4c edges wig you can try out

  • Kinky Edges Deep Wave 5×5 Closure Lace Glueless C Part Short Wig
  • Natural Yaki Kinky Edges Free Parting 13×4 Undetectable Lace Front Wig
  • Ready-to-Wear Kinky Straight Bob Minimalist Lace Glueless Deep C Part Short Wig
  • Kinky Edges Kinky Straight 5×5 Closure HD Lace Glueless Mid Part Long Wig
  • Kinky Edges Jerry Curly 5×5 Closure Lace Glueless Side Part Short Wig


4c edges wig adds an extra touch to your hairstyle, ensuring you achieve your desired look. Irrespective of the type of hairstyle you are choosing (bob hair or straight hair), 4c edges wig will always add a perfect finishing touch. We have discussed some important things (styling options, care process, examples) you need to know about edge hair.

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